9/16/14 (TUESDAY)

The title and inspiration of this poem came to me in my dreams last night…

Temporary Ordinariness

Non-attachment to the present moment

Life is change

Flow with ease

Acceptance rather than resistance

All answers live within

Never without


Everything changes

Nothing changes





Ebbs and Flows

Breathe In

Breathe Out

Inner Peace

Outer Peace


No such thing

Yin & Yang

A Transient Soul,



8/24/14 (SUNDAY)

This morning, there was an earthquake of about 6.1 in San Francisco at around 3:20AM.  I moved to San Francisco about four years ago and this is the second time I’ve experienced one.  The first one was also in the middle of the night and felt more like a swaying boat.  This one was more shaky, anxious, and severe.  I clung to my pillow awoken from sleep and didn’t know what to do. 

My housemate is a native San Franciscan and knew exactly what to do, which was to stand under the doorway.  I received my first tutorial on earthquake safety today so now I know what to do, whether I’m inside or outside.  She reassured me and I felt better.

The earthquake reminded me of changes and shifts in life and how unsettling it can be at times.  Sometimes, it’s hard not knowing how long the unsettling shakiness of change in our lives is going to last.  But like Maya Angelou said - Once you know better, you do better.

It also helps to talk about the shift in order to process what happened, what you’re feeling now, and being reassured of the future so that you’ll be better prepared.  Life can feel like an earthquake – shake, shift, settle.  Ultimately, I was grateful that things turned out okay. 


August 10, 2014 (SUNDAY)


Closure.  Completion.  Clean slate.  Blank canvas.  Colorful palette in one hand.  Paintbrush in the other.  Deep breath.  Start.

It’s starting to hit me that law school is done for good – years of midnight registration, buying $200, 200-lb. textbooks, studying 200 hours for a class per night…A colleague brilliantly observed that law school was just one long anxiety attack. ;)

And now, it is complete.  No more.  Poof.  Gone.  So long, Socratic Method! Time to study for the bar exam and get back out there into the real world.  Whoa.  The only thing I know right now (or so I think I know) is that I want to practice corporate law.  But where? With whom? How is this all going to play out? Where will the chips fall?

I feel like the artist right now except I’m sitting in front of my laptop.  I have the tools and the canvas in front of me.  And I sit here taking a long, deep breath. 

In the past, I wouldn’t start something unless everything was “perfect.”  In the past year, I learned that it’s never going to be “perfect.”  Just start, be flexible, grow, and flow.

I have no clue where my work life will take me.  And how would I know anyway? I learned the hard way that I’m not God - just a mere mortal doing the best she can with what she knows.  All I know is that I want to work in a positive place that challenges me with amazing people and inspiring leadership.  Maybe that’s all I need to know.  For now.  

I also learned to fully live in the present moment.  Stop longing for the past and future tripping.  Be.  Here.  Now.

I’m going to try this out for size but for once - I’m going to be okay with not knowing where life is going to take me.  I am going to be completely open and see what feels right for me.  It’s not going to be perfect, it may be a big zigzag, some paint might fall on the floor, and I may have to redraw parts of the canvas.  But it’s okay.  Everything is going to be alright.

I’ve learned to focus only on controlling the things I can actually control, like prepping for the bar exam.  So, here goes nothing.  Sunny’s next chapter.  In a blog post last year, I wrote something similar where I wondered where I’d be a year later and here we are.  I did end up finishing law school and here I am taking it all the way! Who knew?

And here I am now, asking again – where will I be a year from now? It’s kind of exciting to think about because I know a year from now - I’ll be able to write down the answer and it’s going to be damn good because no matter what, the Universe always has my back. ;) 

But for now, as the artist of my life, I’m going to take a deep breath and start brushing the paint strokes on the blank canvas sitting in front of me with anticipation, excitement, and gratitude in my heart.  Thinking less.  Feeling more. Let’s create this masterpiece. C’est magnifique! :)

The Artist,


August 10, 2014 (SUNDAY)


New Year’s doesn’t only come on January 1st.  There is constant death and rebirth.  In experiencing the perfect storm last year, throughout the past year I experienced multiple New Year’s, deaths and rebirths, endings and new beginnings.  There were many times I felt myself moving two steps forward, three steps back, three steps forward, and on and on.  There was frustration, peace, anger, love, exasperation, joy, sadness, fear, strength, worry, triumph, and happiness – the typical tapestry of life.

During moments of rainbows, thunderstorms, fairies, and unicorns, the constant stream always led back within myself.  I kept hearing, “Go inward.”

I’ve recently been inspired by the life, words, and talks of Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa.  She emanates divine light and carries the energy of a Mother Mary.  She embodies what it means to be a divine, feminine, powerful goddess of a woman.  I was so drawn to her holiness and humble strength and thought to myself, “How can I get that? How can I be that?”

I realized that the light I see in her is the light that lives within me and everyone else on this planet.  I knew I needed to go deeper into my own spiritual practice of meditation, yoga, silence, and shedding all the personas and fake masks that I donned from societal programming.

In completing law school last week, I felt a physical and emotional release.  My body just went lax.  Before I dove deeply into my next chapter, I knew I needed some quality time in solitude to let go, recalibrate, and shift gears.  During that time, I listened to a lot of Esther Hicks and she kept reiterating the point of how we never get it done in one lifetime, that we have so much in us to last for many lifetimes.

That acceptance of acknowledging that our growth and evolution is never done and being in the flow of change and constantly dying and rebirthing is such a lifelong practice because every time it happens, especially when it is unexpected, can feel like a literal death – all the pain, angst, tears, not wanting to change, not wanting to let go for fear that who I thought I was actually was not real.  It feels like it was all an illusion and we crash.  Hard.

I thought, “How can I do this more gracefully and peacefully without all the anger, resentment, hatred, bitterness, and woe is me?” and the answer came in the form of another divine woman who told me at the perfect time, “Drop the Ego.  Everything is already written so live in the flow.  Don’t resist.  It’s not about doing but being.” 

The words sounded so simple and easy but I knew living it would be my lifelong work and practice.  And so, in my recent meditation, I allowed the old Sunny to die and the new Sunny to emerge and step forward - Sunny 2.0 as they would say in San Francisco. ;) I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on the woman and human being I’d like to be and grow gracefully and beautifully into.  I felt many shifts and in those shifts, more questions arose and the work just goes deeper and deeper.  It is true that the answers are never outside of us but truly within us.  There is divine wisdom in each and every one of us.  It comes in moments of stillness, silence, and solitude, in our dreams, in nature – even in the shower!

So, here we are.  2014 is already almost over.  Time seems to be flying by even more quickly.  I learned I don’t need to wait till January 1st to experience New Year’s.  I can experience it every single day for the rest of my life.  Like Esther Hicks said – every day is like a new beginning.  It’s like being reborn every single day.  So, cut that umbilical cord to the past, slap your cute baby bottom, have a good cry, and rest peacefully in the knowing that you will always be taken good care of by Mother Earth.

The Phoenix,


May 29, 2014 (TH)


“Do the best you can until you know better.  Then when you know better, do better.” – Maya Angelou

A lot can happen in a year.  Just the other day, it popped into my mind to use this quote by Maya Angelou to begin this blog on recently turning 35 and discovered later that day that she had passed on to the next level of her journey…It humbled me and reminded me that we are all interconnected energetically.

In turning 35, I could physically feel a gentle nudge on my back signaling me to truly move forward with my life in all areas.  It has been manifesting in the physical world with finishing up law school, beginning to think about the trajectory of my new career, the deepening and dissolving of old and new relationships, a newfound relationship with myself, etc.

This is the best I’ve felt in my entire life.  I feel the most comfortable in my skin I’ve ever felt.  I recently spoke with a dear friend who is 72 years old and she reaffirmed my belief that “it only gets better!”

Up until about two years ago, I had (a very prevalent) belief system that said I would only be happy if I had the                                     (home, finances, boyfriend, job, etc.) – that I could not be happy until I had those “things.”  The Universe in its divine wisdom showed me the truth by removing ALL of those things from my life and leaving me completely vulnerable and “naked.”

A year ago, I was no longer in law school, flailing about in romance seeking completion and wholeness in another, no job, getting kicked out of my apartment…I literally had nothing and lamented and questioned why this was all happening at once.  Wasn’t God merciful or couldn’t my lessons come neatly one at a time? But it was the “perfect storm.”  It was exactly the gift and blessing I needed to learn my lessons.  And the Universe knew in testing me deeply that I could ultimately handle all of these challenges.  It is true that God never gives us anything we cannot handle.  God knew my strength – the question was whether I knew it and could see my light through the darkness.

A year later, here I am! I am finishing law school, I have found completion and wholeness within myself, beginning my career search from a completely new set of confident lenses believing in myself, and living in a home that is filled with love and kindness.  I now stand taller and prouder than I have ever stood in my life.

Looking back, the journey had a divine purpose and everything was a blessing.  Things have fallen into place, which isn’t to say that I don’t face new challenges on a daily basis.  It’s just that life keeps pushing me to grow, learn, and flow…and I can do it more gracefully because of the mindfulness, consciousness, and “tools” I have in my pocket that I can whip out accordingly.

Life still triggers and tests me but now I view it as the Universe just “checking in” and making sure I have fully integrated my lessons into these experiences.  As we grow and become stronger and more powerful, the challenges become bigger but only for our highest good.

During that time when everything was taken away from me for my highest learning, that was actually the time when I felt the happiest and the most peace because God was trying to show me that I could actually be happy with nothing – that the Source of happiness, peace, love, joy, and abundance did not come from material, worldly things (which are all impermanent) but rather from the divine that lives WITHIN each and every one of us.

Now, I can appreciate blessings that come into my life without having to tightly control, push, cling, or manipulate.  As Papaji said, “What comes, let come.  What stays, let stay.  What goes, let go.”  I’ve been hearing this message repeatedly lately…I recently discovered the work of Swami Satchidananda whom I’ve taken a natural liking to.  He has a great talk on letting things go.  He says if you want something, just turn around and let it come to you.  Today, I received the same message from my Yogi Tea! Miracles and synchronicities such as these happen when I feel in alignment with my highest truth and need to receive certain messages.

In deepening the relationship with the divine source and myself, I’ve noticed a change in my prayers as well.  I used to pray for certain outcomes, things, and people, which isn’t to say that it is wrong to desire these things because after all, we are human and live in the physical world.  But my intentions were coming from a selfish, narrow place – more “lusty” than loving.

Although I still “desire” certain outcomes and things, I’ve learned to surrender the form and to be truly open to receiving what is for my highest good.  I now pray for inner peace, mostly…love, joy, abundance…mostly inner peace…

For me, if I could only have one prayer in my entire lifetime, it would be inner peace.  When I am in a state of inner peace, everything that I need comes naturally and I feel like I am floating on clouds…like everything is alright in the world and in that elevated state, optimal things and experiences naturally flow into my life…

With inner peace, I feel like I can do anything and conquer any struggles or obstacles with grace and aplomb.  Isn’t that how our lives are SUPPOSED to be? That is the “miracle” – it’s not just the raise or promotion, the boyfriend, the home, job, etc. (although it’s ALL a part of the package plan)…A “good day” for me now is if I can get through the day without inner conflict, outer conflict, sadness, blame, criticism, attack thoughts, self-hatred, anxiety, depression, etc. and where my day can be calm, breathing deeply moment-to-moment, focusing on gratitude and what I do have in my life.  Changing those old habits requires awareness and mindfulness and shifting that old energy into new, positive energy.

As I fully step into being 35 now, I embrace the journey more than the destination.  The destination will always be there.  It’s the journey that counts.  Cheers to being 35! Whatever age you are today, you are whole, complete, holy, divine, and exactly where you need to be. Don’t resist or struggle.  Surrender.  Be at peace with the day and whatever the Universe has put on your plate for now.  As Eckhart Tolle constantly emphasizes, “This, too, shall pass.”  Enjoy the ride because life is a beautiful one at that…

Proudly 35,



I Am
The Earth
My veins are like the Nile and Ganges
My blood is like the Atlantic and Pacific
My curves are like Everest and the Grand Canyon
My flesh is like the sands of beaches
My bones are the rocks and caves supported and strong
Like the flowers
I bloom when the time is right
No sooner
No later
My feet are like tree roots
Grounded deeply into the earth
My mind flows and flits like air
Unbounded by time or boundaries
Free flowing
Flying like hawks and eagles
I am the squirrel who goes searching for nuts and finds some/loses some
I am the lion with a brave heart when faced with a challenge
I am the puppy who loves and lives in the present moment the best I can
I am the kitten who needs and craves snuggling cuddling and contact
I am the fish who loves to travel and swim to new places and territories
I am the groundhog who retreats when scared
My heart and soul is the lighthouse
I am the earth
The earth lives in me
Of me
Through me

I Am,

3/23/14 (Sunday)


We are all 1.  We are interconnected to everything that was, is, and is yet to come.  I recently have been enjoying watching my iPhone sync up to my MacBook automatically.  Even our electronics are synced up. It’s awe-inspiring when women, givers of life, who form a community sync up during their moon cycle.

I’ve been looking at nature differently, too.  I used to take nature and animals for granted.  They were just there – a part of the scenery, a din in the background.  Now, I view them in a sacred, divine light and understand how Mother Earth and the Universe reflect our divine selves and lives.  The powerful waves of the ocean reflect the ebbs and flows of our lives…The silence found during a hike reflects our true nature and essence…Animals remind us of the beauty and importance of living fully in the present moment…Trees reflect being grounded and being rooted…Flowers bloom when the time is right – no sooner, no later than it should and it reflects divine timing…

Everything is interconnected. I’m sure everyone has had the experience of thinking about someone and bam – a text, phone call, or e-mail comes in right at that moment of feeling that person’s energy. It’s kind of mind-blowing. It transcends the physical borders and boundaries we know mortally.

It is truly beautiful that we are all one…Despite all of our differences in shape, form, beliefs, opinions, and ethnicities…we all crave and desire the same things at the end of the day…We all desire to be truly loved for who we are…To be respected and heard…For freedom to be our most authentic selves…To live the lives we desire professionally, personally, and creatively…We all desire optimal health, vitality, good sleep, clean water, good food…We all desire to laugh so hard we have to hold our stomach as tears of joy and delight stream down our faces…To deeply hug someone we care for and cherish…To feel the sunlight on our faces and bodies…To have peace in our hearts knowing we are honest and good…To be successful and financially comfortable…

The root of compassion stems from this deep knowing, feeling, and understanding that when I look intently into the eyes of another, I see my soul reflected in their soul and their eyes…that I can feel the beat of their heart in sync with mine…we are connected.

One Love,


3/19/14 (W)


I’ve been thinking about the word YES a lot lately.  In the past year, I’ve learned the importance of (and healthy ways) to say NO to things, people, and situations that were not serving my highest good.  I’m now beginning to transition from the mindset of NO to YES and it is starting to change my energy and perspective on life.  Here’s a quick list of things I’ve said NO to and now what I’m saying YES to.


  1. Toxic relationships (Big one!)
  2. Unhealthy foods
  3. Breaking promises with myself (It all starts within!)
  4. Believing/Indulging in my fear-based ego mind
  5. Negative self-talk
  6. Being stuck in the past and future-tripping
  7. Waiting for happiness based on external conditions
  8. Holding on to resentment/Lack of forgiveness
  9. Scarcity Mentality
  10. Staying stuck
  11. Relinquishing my power
  12. Judgment
  13. Control
  14. Shame/Guilt
  15. Passive/Aggressive/Manipulative Behavior


  1. Healthy, uplifting, positive relationships (Huge difference!)
  2. Healthy foods that nourish my mind/body/soul
  3. Keeping promises with myself
  4. Nurturing my inherently loving essence/light
  5. Positive self-talk
  6. Living fully in the present moment and knowing everything is going to be ok! :)
  7. Always being happy, no matter what the external conditions may be
  8. Real forgiveness! (Genuine forgiveness feels different in my body than pretend-forgiveness – There’s a genuine lightness and joy vs. Feeling dis-ease and dis-comfort)
  9. Abundance Mentality (There is more than enough to go around, baby!)
  10. Moving forward and Momentum/Progress/Growth/Learning
  11. Stepping into my power and using it/embracing it without guilt
  12. No Judgments, Baby!
  13. Surrender/Letting go (Way less stress!)
  14. Being open/free and admitting I am HUMAN!
  15. Honest, healthy, open communication and being more direct with kindness/grace



3/19/14 (W)


I recently had a pimple on my face.  I don’t think anyone enjoys getting a pimple…especially on his or her face. Usually when I get a pimple, I try not to think about it too much but every time I looked in the mirror, I felt like it was screaming at me to look at it, give it attention, touch it, wish it away…

After a week or so, I couldn’t help it.  I picked at it and tried ripping it off. It came off but started bleeding.  That just made me more annoyed and the pimple still wasn’t erased.  I waited again.  Maybe after another week or so, I did it again…and again…

It was the same cycle of trying to eradicate this mean pimple, only for it to get worse. Until finally - I surrendered.  I made a conscious decision to allow the pimple to “ripen” (I’m sorry if this post is grossing you out but sometimes, the truth can be nauseating). 

Moving on, I allowed the pimple to truly reach the point of becoming a scab and it fell off naturally.  Now, it’s truly starting to heal and fade into a distant memory.

Oddly enough, this pimple made me think about “healing” in general in life. Getting rid of a pimple is no different from healing a situation/circumstance/event in life.  I can relate it to my own life when I think about how I tried to force myself prematurely to heal certain situations by pretend-forgiving and deluding myself into thinking I was so over it when subconsciously, I was really not ready to forgive, genuinely let it go and move on.

I didn’t realize I needed to organically give the situation the time and attention necessary to allow real healing to occur.  No wonder when a similar situation would arise again, my reaction would be twice as harsh, which was not cool at all.  It would leave me feeling worse.

So, I’ve learned from a pimple that healing requires time, loving-kindness, forgiveness, and being gentle with ourselves throughout the entire process – no rushing, no covering it up (with a Band-Aid or concealer) because that stuff will resurface for sure with double the vengeance, and no forcing it because the authentic truth always comes up.

I’ve learned that it’s ok to be angry, depressed, whatever the emotion is in the moment but also know that in the right time, whenever that may be, to let it go and during the process of healing, to do what feels right to self-care (not self-medicate). 

For me, when I’m “healing” something, I can feel it in my body.  It usually starts with discomfort because I’m facing tough emotions but as my mind-body-spirit heals, I can feel the transition from one of pain/discomfort to release of tension, ease, and finally letting go so that I feel lighter again. 

Whether I’m healing because I need to forgive myself or someone else, or because something painful happened or an outcome I desired didn’t happen, or when stuff hits the fan and I have multiple challenges/obstacles on my plate, or when a curveball comes my way, or quite literally, when I’ve hit the gym hard and I’m in physical pain, I have my go-to tools to guide me and help me get back to center and wholeness.

I take long naps (love, love, love!), meditate and take long deep breaths whether it’s on the mat, at my desk, or even in class or on the train, read inspiring books, hang out with uplifting, positive friends, savor my hot cup of tea, journal, retreat into solitude and take a long walk through the local park with my headphones on to my favorite tunes, eat what my body craves, watch funny shows/movies and laugh my butt off, have an enlightening talk with a life coach, listen to motivational speakers…

So, when you are healing, rather than self-medicate with substances like alcohol, make self-care a priority.  Rather than trying to repress, suppress, and rush the process, give it the time to air out naturally so it can be let go for good.  Do what feels right in your heart and soul and listen to your intuition in silence. 

May we all heal what we need to let go and live love in light!

In Healing,


The Light @ The End Of The Storm

The rain passes by…
The sun was always there…
It peeks out through the clouds…
Ah! There it always was!
I peep a smile.
I am bemused.
Hope. Faith. Trust.
Shine through.
Radiate. Radiant.
Light. Fly.
Peace out,